What's SoMeat? 

SoMeat is a 100% plant-based meat alternative.

< Suitable for everyone: Vegetarians, Vegans, Buddhists, Health-Conscious Meat-Eaters, Practitioners of Meatless Mondays, Etc. >

 No animal products; no preservatives; no artificial coloring; no chemical additives.

● Ingredients: Textured soy protein (Non-GMO); soy sauce; beet sugar; kelp stock; black pepper; salt; rice oil.

● Contents: 100g of soy meat/pack  ● Recommended shelf life: 10-11 months.

● Storage: Keep in the freezer at -18°C or colder.

● Nutrition facts: Serving Size 1 pack (100g); Calories 157.7kcal; Protein 12.9g; Fat 7.6g; Carbohydrates 10.2g; Sodium 8.2mg.

How do I cook it? 

Ready to eat in mere minutes!
You can use SoMeat as a meat alternative for any meal you can imagine.

(stir-fry over rice)

<SoMeat "don">

<SoMeat curry>

<SoMeat noodles>

※Please take care not to overcook when adding as an ingredient to other dishes (stir-fries, curries, chow meins, etc.): Boil as directed and add to cooked dishes at the last minute, just before serving. (Overcooking will cause the texture of the soy meat to become soft.)

Why SoMeat? 


Three reasons! 

According to the FAO (UN), the meat industry is the number one cause of climate change. You can stop climate change by switching from animal to plant proteins.


The main ingredient in Someat is soybeans, a rich and (unlike high-cholesterol meat) very healthy source of protein, fibre, vitamins and isoflavones.

This delicious meat alternative prevents the slaughter of animals.

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